Legal Tech Reviews

Legal Tech Reviews
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I'll be semi-regularly posting my evaluations of various tech tools that I have found helpful in my law practice.

The rating system is a work in progress, but here's what I plan to measure:

  • Is the technology simple to set up?
  • Am I confident in the service being around in two years?
  • Am I confident that the company makes a sincere attempt to protect client confidentiality based on their policies and implementation?
  • Is the technology relatively useful? Does the day to day use of the technology improve something about my business without making unnecessary or unacceptable sacrifices?
  • Is the technology reasonably priced? In other words, is there no "lawyer tax" added?

If the metrics ever change, I'll be sure to update the list. For now, hitting each one of those metrics results in one point on a five point scale.

Is this blog worth listening to? Maybe. These metrics are pretty much how I evaluate software, and while I don't have perfect insight into any given solution, these are my opinions.

I'll include referral links where available, but I will not review or link to anything I haven't used myself, and I will stick to the stated metrics for my reviews.

If you're interested in hearing about the tech I love and hate in my practice, be sure to subscribe to be notified as updates are made!

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