GPT-4 kills the bar exam

GPT-4 kills the bar exam
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📢 Attention technology enthusiasts! The era of technology-first professional services is here, and the practice of law is no exception. At my firm, Promise Legal, we believe that automation and technology are the future of the legal industry. While some may believe that the complexities of law make it immune to automation, we disagree.

We see a world where attorneys use technology to develop solutions for their clients, and the attorney serves as the arbiter of good output. That's not a whole lot different from the Partner >> Associate relationship, but technology means that every attorney can have access to the same dynamic, even without the resources of a larger firm.

We're committed to being a technology-first firm, because we believe that this is the only way to provide the best service to our clients. We're excited about the future of the legal industry and the possibilities that automation and technology bring. As OpenAI reports, the development of GPT-4 demonstrates human-level performance on various professional and academic benchmarks, including passing a simulated bar exam with a score around the top 10% of test takers. This is just one example of the incredible potential that technology has in the legal industry, and we're thrilled to be at the forefront of this exciting time.

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